Career Insiders Series
Mr. Timothy Li
Team Leader, Earnings Estimates and Analyst Recommendations Bloomberg LP
10 October 2018 (Wed)
19:00- 21:00
IPO Learning Common Room 4380, Lifts 17/18

It is extremely lucky to have a job that perfectly matches your personality. Often the time, introverts find it daunting in a workplace that tends to value more on people who are bold, outgoing and highly energetic.

How can introverts overcome misunderstanding that they are passive individuals who have trouble speaking up? How can they show to others their unique strengths and they are equally excellent employees as outspoken ones?

In this seminar, you can get insight on how introverts can communicate effectively with groups of extraverts and introverts in the workplace, without pushing themselves to the contrary of their natural preference (being quiet, observant, and thinking carefully before speaking).

Introverts and extraverts are both welcome!