Career Insiders Series
Jimmy Tong, PhD, PE, MHKIE, BEAM Pro
Associate, Arup
8 Mar 2018 Thu
6:30 – 7:30 pm
IPO Learning Common Room 4380, Lifts 17/18

Urbanization in Asia is growing at an unprecedented rate. Growing Asian cities in environmentally sustainable ways will set the world on a path that benefits future generations.

Dr. Jimmy Tong discusses in his just-released book “Building Sustainability in East Asia” how to formulate and execute plans for carbon reduction. In this talk, Dr. Tong will provide ideas for how professionals can work together to build better buildings in cities, which he argues is one of the most effective solutions to deal with climate extremes. Dr. Tong will share his practical experience in taking a Total Building Sustainability approach and integrating multi-dimensional aspects, to achieve economical and sustainability goals.

In addition to sharing his perspectives on combating client change, Dr. Tong will share his insights from his 18 years of experience from the U.S., Hong Kong and other countries. An industry leader in the energy business, Dr. Tong has applied his expertise in energy systems in various sectors, including wind, solar, marine and other renewable energies, infrastructure and building services, and product and system development in the manufacturing of electronics, ventilation equipment, and filtration equipment. Finally, Dr. Tong hopes his diverse background can provide guidance to students on career planning, choices, and prospects.

All are welcome!