Enrichment Programs

Career Insiders Series

A series of interactive sharing presentations that provides a great way for students at all stages of their studies to gain insights into the working world. Hear from IPO Industrial Fellows about life in different fields.  Learn about their career path and what it takes to become successful in a particular sector.  Reflect on your expectations and how your interests and personality align with the needs and requirements of a certain profession.

IPO Industrial Fellowship Event
Round Table Discussions

Enlightening 2.5-hour sessions bring together IPO Industrial Fellows and students to share personal stories, aspirations and challenges in a lively, small-group setting.  Gatherings will feature 15-25-minute presentations from each guest Fellow. Topics will encompass the impact of future technology, the root of innovation and importance of curiosity, flexibility in the face of change, gender issues, and leadership qualities. Talks will be followed by Q&A and networking. Undergraduate and postgraduate students from all years are welcome.

IPO Industrial Fellowship Event
Industrial Visits

Head off to the world of work in the company of our IPO Industrial Fellows to gain on-the-spot perspectives on how different companies and industries operate. A great out-of-class, off-campus opportunity to learn about and discuss the knowledge and skills utilized in certain fields and professional roles. Don’t miss these valuable chances to find out what most inspires you.

IPO Industrial Fellowship Event